Remember Your Essence
Reading Offering

A reading is a very practical and therapeutic experience that can deliver clarity, direction, insight and hope.

Much like booking an appointment with your doctor to assist with the health of your physical body, a reading is an appointment you book when seeking assistance in nurturing the well-being of your Spirit-Soul.


During a reading I primarily use my Clairvoyance to perceive information, and I see pictures and images that are specific to you and your energy. I also use other secondary psychic skill sets to give your reading a full, well-rounded tone with deeply resonating and timely messages and insights for you. The goal of a reading is to validate you at your spirit level, provide clarity, bring what is currently unconscious to you into your conscious awareness, and help you feel safe and empowered as you move forward in your life. Readings are not meant to predict the future or guarantee outcomes. They are meant to assist you in creating the future you desire and approach the outcomes of your life from a more grounded, awake place.

I begin each reading by sharing what is coming through for you for the first 15 minutes or so, and then you are able to begin asking questions (it’s good to come prepared with 3 – 5 questions).


Testimonial Highlights

“I so appreciate this reading and your beautiful soul.

A truly beautiful reading that brought me to tears in the end. Everything you said was such a heartfelt and needed confirmation. I’m not kidding….you have a gift! I so appreciate this reading and your beautiful soul.”


“There aren’t enough words of gratitude.”

I’m rather at a loss for words and deeply emotional. I want to take this message to heart and experience what you are saying. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and intention. There aren’t enough words of gratitude. “


“You are powerful, thank you for the guidance.

I remember one of the first readings you saw me alone on a tropical beach. Well well, what do you know, I just moved to Hawaii last Saturday and totally thought about this. It was definitely one of the signs that led me to be open about moving here. You are powerful, thank you for the guidance.”


“So on point with so many things! Very powerful. What a gift you have given!”