My Coaching approach is warm, thoughtful, curious, compassionate, and intuitive. I will deeply and actively listen to you, ask focused questions, and gently hold you accountable to the goals that you set. Between our sessions there will be intentional and helpful “homework” for you to complete. I will communicate very clearly the structure of our coaching, any expectations, and also send you a Coaching Agreement to sign before we begin working together.

Great question! You are an ideal client for my coaching program if you…


  • Tend to over-give to others and show up as self sacrificing
  • Feel drained, tired and overwhelmed in work and life
  • Experience unfulfilling interpersonal relationships 
  • Put your own dreams and aspirations on hold longer than you’d like
  • Find the usual self care methods uninteresting or they are not working
  • Feel the calling to awaken to your Spiritual side
  • Are ready to let go of the fear of other people judging you
  • Desire to express yourself creatively or start a new business or project
  • Struggle with the symptoms of being a “perfectionist”

These methods allow you to access the unconscious aspect of your psyche, which is the key to bringing about lasting change. Being coached with these tools gives you the opportunity to build deep self trust, and understand that the most effective way to navigate life and overcome obstacles, is to “go within”.

When we are dreaming, we are actually thinking and problem solving on a much deeper level. Our eyes are closed and our waking, conscious mind is on the back burner. Simply put, our mind, through dreams, is trying to alert us to problems that need to be fixed as well as reflect back to us parts of ourselves and our lives that need to be dealt with. Dreams speak in a different language, however. They speak in the language of metaphors, archetypes and symbolism. Once you begin to understand the language of dreams you are able to decipher the real meaning of nightmares, common re-occurring people, places, animals, etc. You will begin using your dreams as a tool to effect real change in your waking life. 


“If you take the idea of the evolution of the species at all seriously –  if you think there is anything at all to the idea that species alter both behavior and physical structure to enhance their ability to survive in particular circumstances – than there must be something about dreaming itself that is of primary importance from the collective evolutionary survival point of view…because in spite of the multiple, serious, and dangerous drawbacks associated with dreaming, there is not a single relatively evolved species that has found it of increased survival value to abandon this seemingly dangerous behavior.” – Jeremy Taylor “The Wisdom of your Dreams.”

Most people seek out a reading when they have an immediate need for clarity around a current situation; or feel heavy or stuck, and welcome the opportunity to receive guidance from a higher perspective. Readings are perfect for looking at a current relationship, career project, or a big upcoming decision, to have the “full picture” revealed. During a reading I also look at the energy of your aura, as well as the current state of your connection to your own higher wisdom and True Self. 


Coaching is a process where we partner together to achieve meaningful change in you and your life, with our sights set on longer term goals and visions. By hiring me as your coach you are accepting full responsibility and committing to a several month long process of deep self reflection, personal alchemy, and specific action steps that will take you from who and where you are now – to the “other side” of where you want to be.

Yes! I have developed coaching offerings specifically for this. Here is feedback from the coaching I delivered for the Pacific Northwest National Library.


“Meeting with Debra Arlyn felt like one of the most useful offerings made available at the lab. I came away with how I can reframe some of my behaviors/thinking both personally and professionally and good thoughts about how to achieve better work/life balance. It was really valuable!”

If you would like to discuss this coaching option further, please send me an email:

I am a Certified Jungian Life Coach, a graduate of Lumia (formerly JRNI) Coaching Intensive, a Certified Akashic Records Reader, and also hold a Reiki Level 2 Certification. The past 20 years I primarily focused on my career in the music industry as an indie award winning vocalist and songwriter (Check out my official music website:  Currently I am working with clients full time, as well as serving as the Enrollment Director and Lead Coach for CreativeMind University.

Coaching and Clairvoyant readings are two uniquely different skill sets. When I work with a coaching client I am not utilizing my clairvoyance. However, I do offer a clairvoyant reading session that includes 20 minutes of coaching following the reading. – Book Now!

Everyone is born with psychic senses, we are simply conditioned out of using them. I am passionate about guiding others to re-awaken to these innate gifts. I currently offer selective coaching and teaching to clients who want to go deeper into understanding and utilizing their abilities. A prerequisite to this advanced option is taking the Remember Your Essence 3 month coaching program.

The best way to see if we are a good fit for working together is to book a free discovery call with me. – Book Now!

Absolutely. Click here to review my current offerings. 

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